Riot Couture
London Riot
Bullion Edition
Edition of 12
Water gilded 12ct gold leaf on a brick
10 x 21 x 7cm

From the studio’s of Riot Couture.

Riot Couture are a collective of artists who collaborate with guests artists on individual projects. Those who work with Riot Couture remain anonymous; the aim being that the art should be considered and appreciated for itself rather than its status being valued through association with a particular name.

In 2008 Riot Couture stated that the ‘BRICKS’ were conceived through “an observation of the current financial chaos, greed, public naivety and hollow bluster”.

GOLD BULLION BRICKS “Made from standard building bricks each one is coated in seven preparatory layers of traditional gesso and rabbit skin glue, before the final veneer of gold leaf is applied and then burnished using slices of agate, each brick taking approximately 30– 40 hours to create.”

Riot Couture are currently working on a range of designer riot wear for the discerning and fashion conscious rioteers. The range includes scented atomisers, hi-viz designer clothing, children’s wear and an extensive range of accessories.”

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