We are an online art gallery that specializes in 20th and 21st century art. We offer a regular changing stock of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture by both established and new British, European, and American artists.

We provide a transparent, simple and efficient service, with the authenticity of all works guaranteed. For further information please contact 01423 709108 / 07798 908857. We also recommend that you visit our art gallery in England, 108 Fine Art, who represent and support a wide cross section of new, emerging and established artists.

20th Century Artists 

The 20th century was a time of rapid artistic change and development. Many new and innovative art movements and styles emerged, challenging preconceived, traditional concepts. Some of the most influential modern and contemporary art movements and developments of the century include Surrealism, Pop Art, Minimalismand NeoExpressionism, some which overlap with or influenced the others.

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21st Century Artists

The art of the 21st century has emerged from a vast variety of materials and means. These include the latest electronic technologies, such as digital imaging and the internet. Simultaneously, the increased movement of artists across borders and oceans has added to the intermixing of influences and artistic vocabularies.

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Head of a Woman
Joash Woodrow

Bath Time
Barbara Gilligan

Wee Fella
Robert MacMillan